sp sp sp High Performance Tow Gear
for Trekking, Running, and Adventure Racing

Left: Adventure race teammates of different strengths linked up with WeGo Team Link. Undue fatigue is averted by linking up at the start of the trek, before the slower person feels tired.

Right:Top California running team, The Aggies, link up into a 13-man centipede at the start of the 2004 San Francisco Bay to Breakers race.

Developed and tested by adventure racers

Top: WeGo Team Link inventor Eric Bone and teammate Vladimir Gusiatnikov linked up at the start of the 2004 World Rogaining Championships in Arizona using a prototype of the WeGo Team Link.

Above right: Twenty-four hours later, Eric and Vladimir finish 7th in the world, still linked.


WeGo Team LinkTM is developed and marketed by Meridian Geographics, a Seattle-based business providing navigation training and events, and sponsor of top Pacific Northwest adventure race team MerGeo.com.

WeGo Team LinkTM is covered by U.S. patent 7,384,382 B2



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